Personal Recommendations:



Arch Linux or Artix Linux. Minimal rolling-release GNU/Linux distributions.

Window Manager

I highly recommend suckless's dwm, . It is an extremely lightweight, fast and highly customizable tiling window manager. You probably need to read'n'write C code to tweak it (sometimes you have to manually patch it).


st(simple terminal) - suckless terminal. It is a fast and lightweight terminal emulator. St supports UTF-8 characters, emojis(install libxft-bgra). I personally use Luke Smith's build of st. Will probably make my own soon.

Text & Code Editor

Neovim and vim can improve your productivity. You probably know what vim is about, but I assure you: it a pleasure to use vim for programming and general text editing.

Web Browser

Firefox is an open-source web browser. You can extend it with some extensions:

  • uBlock Origin - ad and tracking blocking
  • Using Multi Account Containers, you can use multiple accounts at the same time and keep tracking websites separate from each other.
  • Bitwarden is a private, decentralized, and open-source password manager.
  • OneTab helps you to organize your tabs
  • Dark Reader turns on dark mode in almost every website.

Media Player

mpv is a lightweight, open-source, and reliable media player. You can play YouTube and other videos on the internet using mpv simply by installing yt-dlp.

Music Player

cmus is a lightweight music player with vim key bindings.